De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

TU Delft Student News

Coronavirus update 14 April

Check the corona webpage for all TU Delft updates.

In the press conference of 13 April, the government announced that it still has the intention to allow more physical education from 26 April under certain conditions. The aim is that all students will be able to come to campus for self-study, group work or physical education at least once a week from the end of April, in combination with the use of quick tests. This will be decided in the week of 19 April. How this will actually work out is unknown at the moment, but as universities we are very happy with this intention and look forward to more education on campus.

National housing survey students 2021

The Housing survey students 2021 (Wonen als student 2021) is a national survey to find out how many students will be studying where in the coming years and how these students want to live. This survey is carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior, colleges and universities.

If you want to contribute to more and better suited student housing, please participate in the survey by clicking on the following link:

The questionnaire consists of about 40 questions and takes around 10 minutes.

Participants have the chance to win several prizes:
■ Airpods Pro with wireless charging case (worth € 279)
■ The North Face Base Camp Duffelbag – Large (worth € 135)
■ 2x pimp your room with the Ikea gift card (worth € 50)
■ 4x gift card (worth € 25)

How will your answers be used?
The results of the housing needs survey will be processed along with information from other sources in the
Student Housing Report. Thanks to this report the organisation will know how many students will be living in the various student cities in the upcoming years and especially how they would like to live. This knowledge is used to
determine the required number and type of student housing per city and then adjust the building plans for
the coming years.

How will you be kept up to date with the results?
The questionnaire will remain active up to April 23. After the summer the results will become available on
the website

TU Delft builds supercomputer on own campus

Academics working in fields including physics, biology and mobility increasingly require computing power to solve and analyse complex problems. To clear the way for such research, TU Delft is building the Delft High-Performance Computing Centre (DHPC). This supercomputer complements existing national and cloud-based facilities, and offers academics and students greater flexibility when conducting their research. The arrival of the supercomputer is accompanied by a comprehensive training programme addressing the effective use of computing facilities. The contract with supplier Fujitsu was signed this week, and the facility is expected to be operational in autumn 2021.

Read here more about it

Want to join a hackaton in the TU Delft Library? Subscribe before April 11!

TU Delft and Dispuut Verkeer are organizing a hackathon during the weekend of 17 and 18 April. The hackathon will be from 8 am till 8 pm on both days. Lunch and dinner will be provided.

During the hackathon you will explore the data that has been gathered over the past weeks from students studying at the library.>> Get to know more about the research: Mobility Innovation Centre Delft researches movements within TU Delft Library

Make sure to register before April 11:

Before you can attend the hackathon, you will be tested for Covid.

Don’t forget to unenrol after the final part of your study

Have you completed the final part of your study? Please be aware that you need to send a request to terminate your enrolment through Studielink as it will not be done automatically. Tuition fees need to be paid up to and including the last month of your enrolment. Enrolment termination with retroactive effect is not possible.

X will be open an hour longer as of 31 March

In the press conference of 23 March it was announced that the current measures will be extended by three weeks until 20 April. However, the curfew starting time will be moved up an hour, which means that X can stay open an hour longer from Wednesday 31 March. The opening hours will therefore be 8:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and 9:00 to 21:00 on weekends.

The current schedule of the outdoor sports associations’ training sessions will remain basically unchanged. We will, however, look into the possibility of allowing certain of the indoor sports associations to train outside in the extra time slots that become available. We will discuss this with the associations in question.

More information here

Pull the emergency break!

Stress from studying? In a slump? Concern about someone else?

The mental well-being of students in the Netherlands is receding. Time for action. With the poster campaign ‘Pull the emergency break’ the VERA association wants to offer tools to seek help and break the taboo of mental well-being. Go to the Instagram account @verenigingsraaddelft for more information.


Studiestress? Even in een dip? Maak je je zorgen over iemand?

Het mentale welzijn van de studenten in Nederland gaat achteruit. Hoog tijd dus om in actie te komen. Met de postercampagne ‘Trek WEL aan de Bel’ wil de VERA handvatten bieden om hulp te zoeken en de taboe van het mentale welzijn doorbreken. Zie de Instagram van @verenigingsraaddelft voor meer informatie.

Exams are coming! Have you registered for your exams in MyTUDelft?

Make sure you register on time for your exams. This can be done in or via MyTUDelft app (previously called Osiris). If you do not do this, you will not be able to participate.

Registration closes six calendar days before the day of the exam in question. See the weekly overview below with the registration deadline.

Please note that there are no waiting lists and last minute exam registration is not possible. Remember exam registration will start at the start of each quarter, namely 8 weeks before the exam day.

Exam dayDeadline registration
MondayMonday the week before until 23:59
TuesdayTuesday the week before until 23:59
WednesdayWednesday the week before until 23:59
ThursdayThursday the week before until 23:59
FridayFriday the week before until 23:59

More information here:

TU Delft wishes you good luck preparing for your exams!


Voor een  tentamen moet je je aanmelden. Je meld je aan in of via de MyTUDelft app (voorheen Osiris).

Zorg ervoor dat je je op tijd voor je tentamens inschrijft. Doe je dit niet, dan kun je niet deelnemen.

Dit kan tot 6 dagen voor de tentamendag. Zie onderstaand weekoverzicht met de deadline voor inschrijving.

Er zijn geen wachtlijsten en last-minute registratie is niet mogelijk. Om je voldoende tijd te geven wordt de tentamenregistratie aan het begin van elke periode geopend, namelijk 8 weken voor de tentamendag.

TentamendagDeadline inschrijving
MaandagMaandag de week ervoor tot 23.59 uur
DinsdagDinsdag de week ervoor tot 23.59 uur
WoensdagWoensdag de week ervoor tot 23.59 uur
DonderdagDonderdag de week ervoor tot 23.59 uur
VrijdagVrijdag de week ervoor tot 23.59 uur

Meer informatie hier:

TU Delft wens je success met je tentamens!

Coronavirus update 24 March

During the press conference on Tuesday, 23 March, Prime Minister Rutte announced that the current measures will be extended until 20 April. In the meantime, TU Delft is working hard to allow you to make as much use of the room to maneuver available within the current government measures. We are still expanding study places and working on several pilots for more physical education. 

Since 10 March X has taken steps in further scaling up of outdoor activities. Read here their latest update. 

The days are getting longer again, so the curfew will start an hour later as of Wednesday 31 March. From that date, everyone has to stay inside between 22.00 and 04.30. 

Next press conference will take place on 13 April. 

Check the corona webpage for all TU Delft guidelines. 

WeLikeSharing – winners

OpenEducationWeek photo competition

And the winners are…

Thank you all who joined the We Like Sharing photo competition. All entries are now available and released with an open license for you and the world to enjoy.

Choosing the winning images amongst such great entries was fun, but not easy. One each of the five €20 Amazon vouchers go to:

Young girl smiling

‘Young girl smiling’ by Avanika Pradeep Yammiyavar
Jury said: “This photo is compelling in that at first glance it might seem to be illustrating the opposite of open, but the detail of the young girl’s eyes, the hint of a smile, and the description in the caption make it work as a memorable image.”

Open or closed

‘Open or closed’ by Nathasja Croon
Jury said: “This photo shows the complexity of openness and it is related to the current COVID struggles we are all facing every day.”

Snowy mountain top

‘Snowy mountain top’ by Thomas Bos
Jury said: “Amazingly immense open space.”

Red Rose

‘Red rose’ by Azqa Nadeem
Jury said: “Open in all its beauty with colour and smell. A gift to the passerby.”

View from Table Mountain

‘View from Table Mountain’ by Sourav Mohapatra
Jury said: “This photo perfectly symbolizes the vast unknown that’s out there and the individual willing to conquer it.”

Keep your photos coming
The competition may be closed, but sharing isn’t over. We look forward to seeing and sharing more of your images: be they colourful or black&white, gorgeous or plain, serious or playful, extravagant or mundane … who knows where they will travel to!
We Like Sharing is a bank of images created by TU Delft staff and students, visible to everyone and publicly searchable. Make it your go-to photo bank!
Share openly and help crowdsource a repository of photographs that can be used by all of us in our courses, presentations, reports, etc.

Submit your photos via or send us an email.

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