De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

‘Faces of Delft’ as entrance for the International Festival of Technology


Do you remember last years bridge of beer cases in front of the Aula? It served as entrance of the International Festival of Technology. The large bridge, a record attempt of made by ‘Praktische Studie’ (study association of Civil Engineering), is of course hard to beat. That’s why a contest was launched to develop a new entrance for this year’s festival. The challenge was to make it ‘typical for Delft’, sustainable, conspicuous and innovative. Last week, the ideas were pitched and a winner was chosen. Jeroen Ubels, an Architecture student, is the lucky winner and gets to see his design built.


Photo by Frank Auperlé

The design called ‘Faces of Innovation’ is designed as a pavilion, which makes the ‘mind of Delft’ tangible and captures Delft as ‘constantly innovative and leading’. The essence of the design are the passionate individuals behind the organizations that typify Delft, like the TU Delft and YesDelft for example. Within the entrance pavilion projections of these individuals will be shown. These passionate minds represent the engine of Delft innovation.

The International Festival of Technology celebrates music, theatre, art and technology. Several stages will be set up around the campus where students and inhabitants of Delft can enjoy multicultural food, flash mobs, technical experiments, stand up comedy and, of course, music.

At this moment, Jeroen and Event Solutions are working on the execution of this idea. Curious? Block the 3rd of June in your agenda and visit the festival ‘A Day Of Wonder’!


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