De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

Have you met…. Delft?

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Isn’t it nice, holidays, isn’t it? One more month without study books, assignments, exams and no more lectures! Most of you will spend the holidays elsewhere, at your parents, grandparents, friends or abroad. But for those sunny days in August that you might spend in Delft, we compiled a list of unknown and interesting things to do in the city this summer.

Prison ‘Het Steen’

You might have heard that the former prison of Delft still exists. But did you know it is located in the city hall building at the Market? During the summer you can visit the prison where Balthasar Gerards (murderer of Willem van Oranje) was held captive until his death penalty. You can buy your tickets (€3,50) at the tourist information point (Kerkstraat 3) or reserve tickets via

Experiment Delft

During sunny days you will probably go out to enjoy a beer or two on a terrace in the city. Delft has more than enough delightful spots to enjoy a drink. Experiment Delft is such a place, though it is not located in the city center. You will find it at Lijm en Cultuur at the quay of the Schie. The restaurant is opened from 10-17 Monday to Friday and definitely worth a visit.

Koperen Kat

At the other side of the Schie, in the ‘Schiehallen’ you can also visit the city’s brewery ‘de Koperen Kat’. From Thursday till Sunday you can visit the ‘Bier beleef lokaal’ to taste one (or more) of the twelve original beers they brew. When you are interested you can also book a guided tour or a workshop on beer brewing.

Pubquiz Proeflokaal

Maybe you have already heard of it, but beer cafe ‘t Proeflokaal organizes a pubquiz every last thursday of the Month. A nice possibility to show Delft how smart you and your friends are! Make sure to be on time if you want to be able to sit!

Escaperoom de Bagijnetoren

“Not another escape room! There are so many already” you might think. Well, first of all, there’s no such thing as too much escape rooms. Second: this one is located in one or Delft’s historic hot spots: the Bagijnetoren. The story is that strange things happened in Delft since they moved the tower in 2011… Someone please solve this mystery and get back to us.

Enjoy the city in August: don’t think about classes (coming in September) and exams (coming too) for at least a couple of weeks! Soak up some sunshine and relax.

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