De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

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Have you met…. Delft?

Johannes Vermeer – View on Delft

Isn’t it nice, holidays, isn’t it? One more month without study books, assignments, exams and no more lectures! Most of you will spend the holidays elsewhere, at your parents, grandparents, friends or abroad. But for those sunny days in August that you might spend in Delft, we compiled a list of unknown and interesting things to do in the city this summer.

Prison ‘Het Steen’

You might have heard that the former prison of Delft still exists. But did you know it is located in the city hall building at the Market? During the summer you can visit the prison where Balthasar Gerards (murderer of Willem van Oranje) was held captive until his death penalty. You can buy your tickets (€3,50) at the tourist information point (Kerkstraat 3) or reserve tickets via

Experiment Delft

During sunny days you will probably go out to enjoy a beer or two on a terrace in the city. Delft has more than enough delightful spots to enjoy a drink. Experiment Delft is such a place, though it is not located in the city center. You will find it at Lijm en Cultuur at the quay of the Schie. The restaurant is opened from 10-17 Monday to Friday and definitely worth a visit.

Koperen Kat

At the other side of the Schie, in the ‘Schiehallen’ you can also visit the city’s brewery ‘de Koperen Kat’. From Thursday till Sunday you can visit the ‘Bier beleef lokaal’ to taste one (or more) of the twelve original beers they brew. When you are interested you can also book a guided tour or a workshop on beer brewing.

Pubquiz Proeflokaal

Maybe you have already heard of it, but beer cafe ‘t Proeflokaal organizes a pubquiz every last thursday of the Month. A nice possibility to show Delft how smart you and your friends are! Make sure to be on time if you want to be able to sit!

Escaperoom de Bagijnetoren

“Not another escape room! There are so many already” you might think. Well, first of all, there’s no such thing as too much escape rooms. Second: this one is located in one or Delft’s historic hot spots: the Bagijnetoren. The story is that strange things happened in Delft since they moved the tower in 2011… Someone please solve this mystery and get back to us.

Enjoy the city in August: don’t think about classes (coming in September) and exams (coming too) for at least a couple of weeks! Soak up some sunshine and relax.

Work on sustainable real-life challenges within a Dutch-Nigerian student team

Are you a TU Delft student? Do you want to  work in a Dutch-Nigerian team on sustainable entrepreneurial solutions for real-life challenges regarding energy, health, water and food? And are you available in from September till November 2017? Apply!

The Dutch-Nigerian Student Business Challenge is an innovative business case competition where 12 Dutch and 12 Nigerian students will work together on sustainable entrepreneurial solutions for real-life challenges in Nigeria’s energy, health or water-food sector. These challenges will be provided by multinationals with local units in Nigeria such as Unilever, FrieslandCampina, Heineken and Fugro.

The challenge runs from June till November 2017 and is initiated by the Dutch Government. At the end of the challenge you will travel to Nigeria with your team. TU Delft organises the challenge in close collaboration with Passion Incubator in Nigeria. The Dutch-Nigerian student teams are offered a co-creation programme in which the students work together both on- and offline.



Remember to deregister when you graduate

Finished with your exams and waiting for the results? Then you should know that your registration at TU Delft will not be terminated automatically when you are graduated. . When you are graduating, you should file a request for deregistration during the month of graduation. You do not have to wait until graduation; you may submit the request as soon as you can, preferably even a couple of weeks prior to your graduation date.You pay tuition fees up to and including the last month of your registration. Retroactive deregistration is not allowed

So, have you passed your exams and are you officially done studying? Time to deregister and celebrate! Visit the CSA website for more information regarding deregistration and/or a possible refund of tuition fees.

No restitution of tuition fee

If you’ll continue your studies in the 2016-2017 academic year, beware of the changes in the rules for restitution of tuition fee. If you deregister during the 2016-2017 academic year, you will not be entitled to a refund if you terminate your enrolment by 1 July or 1 August.

Masterclass cultural professor Abdelkader Benali

Doe mee aan de masterclass van de nieuwe cultural professor Abdelkader Benali. Hij gaat met studenten op onderzoek naar pleinen, gebruikers en hun verhalen. Samen wil hij ‘het plein van de toekomst’ creëren.

Meemaken? Laat Abdelkader Benali dan weten wat volgens jou het mooiste plein ter wereld is, en waarom! Hij zoekt 25 gemotiveerde deelnemers uit alle studierichtingen, die graag buiten hun straatje denken.

Vertel dus over jouw mooiste plein – in tekst en/of (bewegend) beeld – en licht je keuze toe.

Grijp deze kans en wees erbij! Meld je aan vóór 22 september a.s.!  


Lees meer over de nieuwe cultural professor op of ga gelijk naar de informatie over de masterclass (link naar pagina).


This Autumn Abdelkader Benali is the new ‘Cultural Professor’ at TU Delft. The official language of this cultural programme is Dutch, so more information is available in Dutch on the website

Second minor-registration period opens 1 July

Are you in your second BSc year and not yet registered for a minor next year? Make sure to apply for a thematic minor during the second minor registration period, starting 1 July.

Log into Osiris, where you will be able to see which minors still have places available. Register for one the available minors that you wish to study. You will be enrolled immediately. You also have the option to switch minors while in Osiris, but beware: canceling your registration of your minor in order to register for a new one is at your own risk. If you do not register for another minor quickly enough, places might be full and your original minor-place could have been taken up by another student. If that happens you have no claim to re-register for your old minor.

Since the first registration period has passed, minors that are still open for registration may have very limited spaces. Because of constant fluctuations in the available places, we are not able to maintain an updated accurate list of available spaces on our site. Osiris will always list the most accurate and up to date information with regards to available places. will only list the selection-minors that have definitely filled up and for which you cannot register any more. In short, check Osiris for the most up-to-date minor-availability.

The following selection minors are not available at the start of the second minor registration period, starting July 1:

Name minor Code
Advanced Prototyping IO-MI-135
Automotive Design IO-MI-165
Biomedical Engineering BME-MI-087
Educatie SEC-MI-049
Interactive Environments IO-MI-124
International Entrepreneurship and Development WM-MI-101
Mathematics and Finance TW-MI-187
Robotica WB-MI-168
Spaces for display: retail & exhibition design BK-MI-145
Sports Innovation IO-MI-164

Summer maintenance Library

Have you seen the Library lately? Then you might have noticed the scaffolding! During these summer months the Library will be under maintenance. The cone will get a new coat of paint,  the doors at the main entrance will be replaced as well as the windows along the edge of the cone.

These maintenance activities have started on 13 June June and will last till the end of August. No worries, the Library will remain open during this whole period. Though, some areas may temporarily not be available for safety reasons. This will be signposted clearly. Of course everything will be done to keep disturbances to a minimum.

Check the Library Facebook page for the latest updates. Or visit the website for an overview of the planned maintenance activities in the Library.


Where to study during the exam period?

Only a few weeks left until the summer holidays start! Although you probably still have to study quite a bit before you can fully enjoy the amazing weather we’ve been having. To make your life a little easier, ORAS created an overview of the opening hours of all faculties, so you know exactly where and when you can study at campus between June 19th and July 7th. Good luck with your exams!

NB. The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering is also open during the weekend on the 24th and 25th of June.

And of course also Fellowship and Aula are great places to study.

Update: Wireless network failure resolved

At this moment (Tuesday, 20 June) we’re experiencing a failure of the wireless network throughout the entire campus. It is currently not possible to connect to eduroam. Our ICT-department is working hard to solve the problem, but it is unfortunately not possible to say how long this will take. As an alternative, you can connect to the wired network. Network cables are available at the Service Desk (while stock lasts).

Follow the status of this failure on the ICT maintenance page (

Update: Wireless network failure

The failure of the wireless network has been resolved via a workaround. You can now connect to Eduroam again. ICT is currently investigating the cause of the failure.
If you have any questions, please contact the Service Desk in your faculty.


According to the final election results of 29 May 2017 following the elections for the university’s Student Council at institutional level held on 17 and 18 May 2017, the Central Election Committee hereby declares that the following candidates have been elected.

The Student Council at institutional level:

Lijst 1, ORAS:

1 Marijke Blom

2 Benjamin Schoemaker

3 Yannick Hoff

4 Fieke Noordam

5 Daan Gorsse

6 Carel Wagenaar

7 Marie Sam Rutten

Lijst 2, Bèta:

1 Janna Beukers

2 Stijn Burmanje

3 Axel Meeuwissen

Possible formal objections pertaining to the validity of the above results must be submitted, in writing, to the election committee at the latest on 6 June 2017 17:00 p.m. to: the Student Council Election Committee, Stevinweg 1, 2628 CN Delft, room 5.10. If no formal objections are received then the results will be made irreversible on 7 June 2017. After 7 June 2017 the elected students will be requested, by letter, to confirm their acceptance.

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Campus Run: Run through your faculty for charity

Would you like to run over the campus for charity? Well, this is your chance!

At the 7th of June, the CampusRun will be organized, and the theme is: The Faculty Edition. This means that you can run 1.75 km, for the 175th anniversary of the TU Delft, 5 km or 10 km THROUGH the faculties, you’ll see more of the campus than ever before! All of the registration fee will go to the charity Stichting Bewegen Tegen Kanker, this charity provides movement programs and movement outings for people with cancer. We want to raise as much funds as possible!
Register yourself quickly as runner or volunteer at!



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