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De meningen ge-uit door medewerkers en studenten van de TU Delft en de commentaren die zijn gegeven reflecteren niet perse de mening(en) van de TU Delft. De TU Delft is dan ook niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van hetgeen op de TU Delft weblogs zichtbaar is. Wel vindt de TU Delft het belangrijk - en ook waarde toevoegend - dat medewerkers en studenten op deze, door de TU Delft gefaciliteerde, omgeving hun mening kunnen geven.

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Walk & Talk

Does lockdown have you missing social contact? Are you new in Delft and would you like to meet people? Would you like to make some new friends? Or do you just miss the old-fashioned comradery?

Then the Walk & Talk is something for you! Enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice cup of thee on behalf of the VSSD and meet some new people!

You only have to let us know your name and e-mail address, and we will set you up! Register here.


Mis je nu vanwege de lockdown het sociale contact? Ben je nieuw in Delft en wil je mensen ontmoeten? Zou je graag nieuwe vrienden willen maken? Of heb je gewoon zin in ouderwetse gezelligheid?

Dan is de Walk & Talk iets voor jou! Ga nu op kosten van de VSSD een bakje koffie drinken of een lekker kopje thee met iemand drinken en leer nieuwe mensen kennen!

Je hoeft alleen je naam en e-mailadres in te vullen, en dan koppelen we je aan iemand! Meld je hier aan.

Delft Student Well-being Symposium (this Friday!)

Coming Friday (19 February) the Delft Student Well-being Symposium takes place. Our mayor Marja van Bijsterveldt opens the evening. Afterwards, Olympic ice skater Mark Tuitert will share his story with his personal setbacks during his career with us. Lastly, two student psychologists from We Care For Students will speak interactively about finding motivating and dealing with setbacks, two relevant topics during this Corona period. You can watch the symposium online via  Save the date!

Zit jij wel lekker in je vel? Of heb je tegenwoordig ook steeds vaker te maken met dat herkenbare “corona dipje”? Dat is niet gek wanneer je broeiende studententijd verandert in een periode die veel aanpassing en geduld vraagt. Om deze reden vindt aankomende vrijdag 19 februari het plaats. Na een opening van onze burgermeester Marja van Bijsterveldt, zullen Olympisch schaatser Mark Tuitert en student psychologen van We Care For Students op een luchtige en interactieve manier vertellen over omgaan met tegenslagen en het vinden van motivatie, wat natuurlijk een groot en belangrijk onderwerp is in deze huidige corona tijd! Het symposium zal plaatsvinden in de vorm van een livestream en is te volgen via de volgende link: Kijk jij mee?

Prevent theft of your laptop

Every stolen computer is one too many. Not only is it a financial blow, but you often lose important data as well. So take good care of your laptop and never leave it unattended.

Public grounds
The campus is public ground; the faculties and educational buildings are accessible to everyone. Although this is limited during the current lockdown, the risk of theft remains. TU Delft takes its responsibility to make it more difficult and prevent incidents of theft on campus. You can help by taking the following measures to reduce the risk:

  • Lock an area, even if you will only be gone for 2 minutes
  • Do not leave valuable (personal) items in sight
  • Attach a lock to the laptop.
  • Speak to unknown visitors in the corridors around the offices to ask if you can help them or with whom they might have an appointment.

What should you do in case of theft or loss?
Report the theft of TU Delft property directly to the Service point. The staff member at the location concerned will report the theft to the police (digitally or at the police station). A copy of the report must then be handed over to the Service point and the reporter. Theft or loss of personal property, such as your private laptop, must be reported directly to the Service point. However, you must report it to the police yourself.

Be alert to safe working at home
Even now that we work more from home, it is important not to leave your laptop unattended. Especially if you share a household with others, such as in student housing, when you work somewhere else for the day or when you take it with you in the car. But it is also important to be careful with the personal data on your computer or laptop. Check the Working from home instructions on the website about how to do this safely.

Curfew extended until 2 March

Following the extension of the lockdown measures announced on 2 February 2021, the night-time curfew will also be extended until 2 March 2021.

This means that everyone must stay indoors between 21.00 and 04.30. During curfew hours, you are not allowed to go outdoors without a valid reason.

On Tuesday 23 February, the government will decide whether to modify the current lockdown measures, including the curfew. Read more about the curfew on the website of the Government of the Netherlands.

Keep an eye on the corona webpage for students for extensive updates on corona guidelines at TU Delft.

Join the TU Delft Impact Contest

For the third consecutive year, the TU Delft Impact Contest is organised, great news for entrepreneurial TU Delft students that have brilliant business ideas!

Since 2019 the TU Delft Impact Contest has offered students the opportunity to further develop their own, ingenious ideas, prototypes and research projects into business plans. The main purpose and mission: challenge students to create great, out-of-the-box thinking innovative solutions for societal problems and translate them into real products and business plans, while interacting and making use of the expertise from innovative and knowledgeable partners.

How does it work?
Registrations (on the website) are accepted until 25 February
. With the help of a broad range of experts in the field, participants will co-create and transform ideas into a viable business plan, a prototype or start-up. Throughout the competition, entrepreneurial skills will be developed during workshops and brainstorm sessions with like-minded students. On top of that, coaches from both educational and corporate environments in several online and offline networking events off their support. On 10 June a spectacular grand finale event will take place, after which the prizes up to €20.000,- are given to the winners!

Are you interested and want to know more? Join the Inspiration Session on 10 February, from 12:45-13:30 hours. Register for the TU Delft Impact Contest and subscribe to the session in the dashboard.


Tell us what you think! Take the National Student Survey 2021

Scroll down for English

Op 18 januari is de Nationale Studenten Enquete 2021 van start gegaan. Dé mogelijkheid om de TU Delft te laten weten of je tevreden bent met jouw opleiding. De resultaten van de enquête geven ons inzicht over de kwaliteit van het onderwijs en helpen studiekiezers bij het vinden van de opleiding die bij hen past.

Laat je stem horen! De oproep voor de NSE is naar je studentmail gestuurd, ben je deze kwijt? Hier vraag je hem opnieuw op.

Door de NSE in te vullen maak je kans op mooie prijzen, zoals noise cancelling headphones, bonnen en een Macbook Air.

Waar wacht je nog op? Vul uiterlijk 14 maart 2021 de enquête in!


On 18 January the National Student Survey 2021 was launched. Thé opportunity to let TU Delft know if you are satisfied with your course programme. The results of the survey give us insight into the quality of our education and will help prospective students find the programme that suits them best.

Let your voice be heard! The call for the NSE has been sent to your student e-mail. Lost your link to the survey? You can request a new one here.

By filling in the NSE you have a chance of winning great prizes, for instance, noise-cancelling headphones, vouchers and a Macbook Air.

What are you waiting for? Take the survey before 14 March 2021!

Don’t forget to unenrol after the final part of your study

Have you completed the final part of your study? Please be aware that you need to send a request to terminate your enrolment through Studielink as it will not be done automatically. Tuition fees need to be paid up to and including the last month of your enrolment. Enrolment termination with retroactive effect is not possible.

Meet Diederik Jekel in the first of 3 TU Delft pop-up lectures!

Next week you can join three special TU Delft pop-up online lectures of Studium Generale. Tune in on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 8-9.30pm.

  • Tuesday 2 February: Science journalist Diederik Jekel (1984) will talk about hope in times of lockdown. What does it mean to be an academic in these difficult times and what can we learn from what we have experienced?
  • Wednesday 3 February: Philosopher Toske Andreoli (1990) wrote the book ‘De mooiste tijd van je leven?’. A new look at study stress with the intention of not placing all the responsibility on students themselves for once. In her talk (in Dutch), she pleads for a supportive study climate and explains what that looks like.
  • Thursday 4 February: Philosopher Miriam Rasch (1979) proposes a revaluation of friction during her lecture. Can humans really be understood as algorithms? What happens to the things that cannot be captured in data? And why is the dataist future presented as inevitable?

UNLOCKING… Educators of TU Delft!


Dutch below:

Do you know your educators well? What drives them? What is their vision on learning, self-development and well-being? And what lessons have they learned so far?

In the Series of interviews – UNLOCKING…”, TU Delft’s educators share their personal stories with you: from the dreams they once had to their hobbies and passions, and the hurdles they’ve encountered. Get inspired, and get to know the person behind the screen!

Through the 10 open interviews with a diverse group of educators from the TU Delft, Career & Counselling Services want to shed a positive light on well-being. The personal stories and insights shared by those who are often only seen in their position as teacher, scientist or executive show us that the struggles and doubts you may have as a student are an inevitable component of your growth process. The stories provide insight into the various ways you may bounce back, they show where these people get their resilience, what and who has made them stronger. It sometimes takes years before you realize something, and occasionally there is a flash of insight. Examples of experience may help to speed up the learning process, and sometimes make it a little less painful. And there is no path that is better than another; hopefully at least one of the paths resonates with you!

From this week onwards a new video will be released every week.  The teaser of the first interview, with the Vice Rector Magnificus/Vice President Education Rob Mudde, can be found on the Instagram page of Career&Counselling Services. Or watch the complete interview here!

Hoe goed ken jij je docenten eigenlijk? Wat hen drijft? Wat hun visie is op leren, zelfontwikkeling en welzijn? En wat zijn de levenslessen die zij geleerd hebben tot nu toe?

In de Series of interviews – UNLOCKING…” wil Career & Counselling Services op een inspirerende en positieve wijze welzijn onder de aandacht brengen, door middel van 10 interviews met een diverse groep onderwijzers van de TU Delft. Laat je inspireren en leer de persoon achter het scherm beter kennen!

De persoonlijke verhalen en inzichten gedeeld door hen die we meestal enkel als docent, onderzoeker of leidinggevende kennen laten ons zien dat de twijfels en worstelingen die je soms hebt als student een onvermijdelijk onderdeel zijn van ieders groeiproces. En dat ook deze onderwijzers, onderzoekers en leidinggevenden dromen, twijfelen en (nog steeds) leren. Met soms kwetsbare anekdotes delen deze onderwijzers van de TU Delft hun inzichten en ervaringen over hoe zij tegenslagen zijn overkomen, wat hun veerkracht geeft en wat of wie hen sterker heeft gemaakt.

Vanaf deze week verschijnt iedere week een nieuw interview. De teaser van het eerste interview, met Rob Mudde, Vice-Rector Magnificus/Vice-President Education, is te vinden op de Instagram pagina van Career & Counselling Services. Of bekijk het volledige interview hier!

Travel to the Netherlands // Reizen naar Nederland

Dutch below:

You are strongly advised not to travel to the Netherlands unless it is strictly necessary. The borders remain open. If you do travel to the Netherlands, check the info on and see the checklist if you can travel to the Netherlands.

Het hangt van uw situatie af of u wel of niet naar Nederland kunt reizen. Voor sommige mensen geldt door de uitbraak van het coronavirus een Europees inreisverbod waardoor zij de Europese Unie/het Schengengebied niet in mogen reizen. Bekijk of u in uw situatie naar Nederland kunt reizen en wat de mogelijke voorwaarden zijn. Meer info op

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